Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Host

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Published: May 6th 2008

Publisher: Little Brown and Company

Pages: 619

Genre: Sy-Fy,Young Adult, Paranormal

Format I Read: ebook

Earth has been repossessed. Little alien things called souls have taken over. The souls are surgically placed in a Human brain, and the Human that used to own the body gets erased, and the soul is all thats left. This became the norm; all Human bodies became hosts to the little silver souls. But this wasn't the case when Melanie Stryder became a host. Wanderer, the soul, was  given Melanie's body, things didn't go as planned. Wanderer wasn't alone. Instead of Melanie being smothered by Wanderer's presence, she rebelled. She refused to be erased.

When Wanderer stared to look through Melanie's memories, she discovered that Melanie wasn't the only resistor. She had been living with her little brother Jaime and her boyfriend, Jared.
Yada Yada Yada, then she meets up with the human resistance in the middle of the desert. Many of the survivors don't want her there, considering she is the enemy and all, but Wanderer/Melanie's Crazy Uncle Jeb wants to keep her. It causes an outrage with most of the people in the resistance, and Wanderer starts to wonder why she even came...

The Host is really a book about humans. About our nature, culture, and impulsiveness. It takes a step back and helps you analyze us, humans, as a whole. It was kinda interesting...But weird. Very Weird.

I really liked Wanderer. She was really an enjoyable character. She was intelligent, selfless, and real.
She felt believable. She grew as a person/alien throughout the story. She went from not talking to anyone to playing soccer with the others. She picked up sarcasm from Melanie. Wanderer also had such a deep compassion for the humans she was living with.
I think Meyer did an excellent job with Wanderer.

She also did well on Ian. He went from the Villain's henchman to one of my favorite characters in the book.

It was boring in the beginning, and pretty slow toward the end. But I cried ( and I am NOT a cryer.)  It was sad. Fair warning for you anti-tears people.

It was good, not great. This is borrow from the library material, I wouldn't go and buy it. It's definitely worth reading, just not spending money on.

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