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Released: May 25th 2010

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ages: 13-17

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Pages: 464

Format I Read: Hard Cover

Series Name: Chronicles of Nick

My life is complete. Thank you Sherrilyn Kenyon for brining this Masterpiece to life!! Nick is amazing.      The first words he says are "I am a socially awkward mandork."
If that  line does not make you want to beg for this book, we cant be friends. Nope. Never. Sorry.

Anyway... Nick is a fourteen year old boy living on the rough side of New Orleans. He and his Mom barely scrape by, eating a lot of powdered eggs and wearing second hand Hawaiian shirts. Hes friends with two awesome, kick-butt Zombie apocalypse prepers, Bubba and Mark.

When Nick's "friends" betray him and Zombies start running amuck in the streets and eating kids hands in the school cafeteria, it all hits the fan. Nick learns he has powers he couldn't even dream of, and that those strange high schoolers aren't all they seem to be.

There is no describing the awesomeness of this book. But  I suppose I should try...

Lets begin with our main character Nick. For starters Nick is hilarious. He's funny and sarcastic and a very cool guy, really. He loves his Mom a lot, and I think his adoration and respect for her adds a lot to the story. One of my favorite things about Nick is that he is so real. Trust me, I have had my fair share of time around 14 year old guys, and Nick feels like he could hop right off the page and join in on their "Bromance" at any given time.

Some books I've read in the past, the battle that the whole book has been building up to feels very...rushed. Like 2-3 pages rushed. It makes me really angry. The last 300-something pages have been leading up to this very unmemorable battle? Thanks a lot -_-

Thats how it feels. Its like the whole story hit a brick wall.
But thankfully this Was Not The Case with Infinity. I felt that the battle at the end was fulfilling enough to make it feel like  it didn't run head first into a brick wall, but at the same time it left enough mystery about Nick's powers for me to read the second book.

But this is deffinately one worth buying. Plus, the cover is gorgeous so it'll look great on you shelf!

Oh!! I almost forgot! There's an Infinity movie coming out eventually!! super excitedd!!!!

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