Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hold Me Closer Necromancer

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

Released: October 12th, 2010

Author: Lish McBride

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Pages: 343

Series Name: Necromancer

It was okay. Not much more than that.

The character building wasn't all that great. The first few pages I honestly thought Sam was a girl. The writing style just felt very... feminine. It got better throughout the story, but first impressions are important, right?

There were a crap-ton of POVs in this book. I just didn't get attached to anyone, except Brooke. I have an odd love for her. She's the only one who felt...interesting? Funny? Likable? Any of those work for her. They don't for the other characters.

 Hmmm...I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah, how could I forget? INSTA-LOVE. There is nothing I hate more than insta-love. Nothing. I'm not going too deep into that because I don't want to be spoiling anything for anyone. But be forewarned, there was some insta-love regarding Sam and another person I'm not going to name for spoiler reasons.

Wow. That was negative. Don't get me wrong, this book was nice. It was light and kinda funny. It was kinda predictable and cheesy in some parts, but that made the book endearing. I will go on to say that this is definitely a book you borrow from a friend or get at the library.

Now, Moment of truth. Will I buy the next one? No. Unless one of my friends happens to have it or I stumble upon it in the library, I will not be reviewing or reading the second book. 

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