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The Demon Trapper's Daughter

 The Demon Trapper's Daughter

Released: February 1st 2011
Author: Jana Oliver
Publisher: St. Martins Griffin 
Age Group: Teen 
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal 
Pages: 368
Format I Read: ebook 
Series Name: The Demon Trappers 
Other Titles in Series: Soul Thief, Forgiven, Foretold

Welcome to year 2018's Atlanta, where demons roam the streets and the government is basically nonexistent. To keep the demons under control there is a guild dedicated to trapping the troublesome beasts. The guild consists of forty something males and one young girl, Riley.

I really liked Riley. Most of the time. She was funny, cunning, and imperfect. But she was also very harsh on my favorite character, Denver Beck, AKA the backwoods boy. It's quite the funny story really. When Riley was fifteen, she had the biggest crush on Beck. Backwoods boy being a few years older and her father's apprentice, it didn't work out in Riley's favor. Since then Riley's lost the puppy love, but the bitter feelings are still firmly in tact. 

This book was a roller coaster for me. I cried, laughed, cheered, grumbled, and sometimes wanted to give Riley a good thwack upside the head.  There was one persistent writing "technique" Oliver used that kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Like I said, my favorite character was Beck and he comes from the backwoods of georgia. That said, Oliver had all of his dialogue contain ya in the place of you and yar instead of your. It was quite distracting and...Weird. But I still adore Beck. He kinda reminds me of Daryl from The Walking Dead T.V show.

More than halfway through the book I realized something horrible. This book had the potential to become a romance hexagon. No joke. There were literally four different guys that could easily become love interests. Right there I promised myself that I would not finnish the series if something as disastrous as a love hexagon were to evolve. so if this series isn't fully reviewed, you know why.

I have to admit, this book had a few faults, but its action and lovable characters balanced the scales. But if your looking for a really good demonic young adult book, this is what your looking for!

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